FoodChain forges links between community and fresh food with education and demonstration of sustainable food systems.

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Meals served to the community since 2011

Education Hours provided since 2011

About FoodChain

nourish lexington

Nourish Lexington seeks to eliminate barriers to fresh food combining direct food access with education to empower our community.

Food literacy education

Food literacy teaches food skills, food culture & global food systems, health related behaviours and environmental sustainability.

FoodChain Kitchen

Food rescue, processing, job training, food prep, and SNACKS are the heart of our kitchen. Connections with local farmers make it possible.

Indoor aquaponics farm

A demonstration of sustainable agriculture, our working farm raises tilapia, marine shrimp, lettuce, microgreens, and herbs.

We empower our community with food

FoodChain opens doors to participate, to create, to share. We are a nonprofit organization increasing access to locally sourced, fresh food for everyone. For the past 11 years, we have partnered with our local community to empower people to love food with innovative methods of direct food access, unique and accessible food literacy programming, and a one-of-a-kind indoor aquaponic farm. This is how we model a more sustainable food system.

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FoodChain’s Programs


Featured Initiatives

Mini aquaponics system

Mini aquaponics system

By: Sophia Shelton (farm intern)Have you ever had a pet fish? Did you ever think that your fish could be used to grow plants? Well, it can, by aquaponics! Aquaponics is when you use fish and their waste to give nutrients to the plants you are growing with just water,...

Basil and Growing Herbs

Basil and Growing Herbs

By: Kaitlyn (Farm Manager) Herbs are typically easy to grow, and when used fresh, can add tons of extra flavor to meals, tea and cocktails. True Leaf Market created a guide on how to grow 40 different popular herbs, and it can be found here: Herb Growing Guide. All...

Farm Feature: Collard Greens

Farm Feature: Collard Greens

By: Kaitlyn (Farm Manager) Collard greens (Brassica oleracea) are in the cabbage family, and they are commonly used in southern cooking.We grow collard greens on our aquaponics farm, and they do very well in our system. We harvest them using the cut-and-come-again...

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FoodChain is unique because it gives power back to the community it serves. You do not see a lot of non-profits operate in this way and it is refreshing to see an organization be an asset to the community.

- Crystal Williams

Former FoodChain Intern

Our Partners & Sponsors

  • The Nest
  • Fayette County Public Schools
  • Seedleaf
  • Journi’s Hope
  • Arbor Youth Services
  • Chrysalis House
  • Campus Kitchen
  • Kentucky Refugee Ministries
  • West End Community Empowerment Project
  • WWB Neighborhood Association
  • Family Care Center
  • Marafiki Center
  • Community Inspired Lexington
  • Lexington Parks and Recs
  • Partners for Youth
  • Consolidated Baptist Church
  • Pilgrim Baptist Church
  • UK Healthcare

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