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Our Mission & Approach

Unlock a World of Food Education for Your Students! Discover FoodChain’s School Programs, offering immersive farm tours, engaging cooking classes, insightful farm-to-school initiatives, inspiring guest speakers, and much more. Our hands-on experiences empower students with valuable knowledge about sustainable food systems, nutrition, and culinary skills. Let us ignite curiosity and foster a love for wholesome food and its journey from farm to plate. Partner with us to provide enriching, interactive learning opportunities that nourish young minds!

Field Trip Opportunities


FoodChain offers tours of our aquaponics farm for school groups interested in learning more!

The cost to schools is $150 per tour. Space on the farm limits our capacity to 25 people at a time. We can work with schools that have limited budgets to make this educational experience available to students.

Stir it Up!

We offer privately scheduled cooking classes for a variety of ages and participants! These one time cooking classes focus on using local, seasonal ingredients and take place at FoodChain or over Zoom. Participants will learn and improve their kitchen skills as we discuss various techniques for prepping different foods, measuring for recipes, using the stove and oven, as well as how to incorporate fresh, local fruits and veggies into your cooking! Send us an email to learn more and to schedule a class!

Some of the past recipes we’ve taught include: Carrot Ginger Soup, Baked cinnamon sweet potato and apples, and Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Have FoodChain come to you

Farm to School Lessons!

FoodChain chairs the Fayette County Farm to School Coalition and can help arrange guest speakers in your classroom! We offer a variety of Farm to School lessons, are able to help arrange taste tests for students, and can even connect your classroom to a Kentucky farmer! Email us to arrange a Farm to School visit!

Aquaponics Education

FoodChain Aquaponics mini-systems show how scalable aquaponics is and allows teachers to build curriculum for the Nitrogen Cycle, Plant Life Cycles, Fish Life Cycles, Ecosystem Analysis, Water Quality and Testing, and much more with a living, interactive model for students to test and manipulate. Each system costs $350 and includes installation of the system, seeds, fish, a maintenance manual, 3 in person classroom lessons with your students, and a year of support. Email us to learn more and schedule installation of one of these systems!

Food Literacy

Food Literacy provides students the opportunity to learn more about the food system, where their food comes from, and expand their palates through cooking and taste tests. FoodChain provides several opportunities for providing Food Literacy lessons to students. 

Cook. Eat. Grow. is a 6 week hands on cooking experience for students offered afterschool. 

One time cooking demos and taste tests using local ingredients.

Hands-on food science experiments that are delicious!

Skill-building classes for parents related to cooking.

Email us to find out more about any of these food literacy opportunities.

Tabling Events

We bring scaled down and easily replicable aquaponics systems to science nights and other educational events at schools and events, providing interactive learning experiences for everyone! We can also provide interactive food science experiments to get kids learning! Reach out and we would be happy to participate in any science, wellness, or back to school nights!