Growing together with Aquaponics!

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce our very first BUFF (Bluegrass Urban Farm Friends) written book, “Growing Together with Aquaponics!” By pre-ordering this book, not only will you gain a wealth of knowledge about aquaponics, but you’ll also be supporting our educational programs for students. Your pre-order includes an invitation to our book launch event in the Spring, where you can celebrate with us and dive deeper into the world of aquaponics. It’s a win-win for your mind and for our community, so don’t miss out—order yours today! Pick-up at FoodChain, or we’ll ship it to your house!

Books will be ready to pick-up or ship February 7th!

Welcome to a journey through the heart of FoodChain, where we transform urban agriculture into a classroom without walls. This book, a vibrant mosaic of narratives, is penned by the bright minds of high school students who have delved deep into the world of our aquaponics farm. Each story is a testament to our dedication to nurturing future food leaders through our educational initiatives.

FoodChain, at its core, is more than an aquaponics farm; it’s a place for innovation and learning. Our Bluegrass Urban Farm Friends program, a cornerstone of our educational efforts, provides a unique blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, fostering a generation well-versed in sustainable agriculture practices. This program isn’t just about learning the intricacies of aquaponics; it’s a journey in leadership, teamwork, and creative expression.

As you turn these pages, you’ll encounter stories that are as diverse as the students who wrote them. Each tale is a window into their experiences, showcasing not just their learning about aquaponics but also their growth as individuals and team players. These young authors have embraced the challenges and joys of working on our urban farm, transforming each obstacle into an opportunity for innovation. May their stories inspire you as much as they have inspired us. Together, we are growing more than plants; we are growing hope for a sustainable and food-secure future.

Enjoy the journey.