Our Mission

Forging links between community and fresh food through education and demonstration of sustainable food systems.

Who We Are

Food opens doors to participate, to create, to share. We are a nonprofit organization increasing access to locally sourced, fresh food for everyone. From unique programming in and out of the kitchen to aquaponic farming to outreach and education, we partner with our local community to serve and empower people to know and love food.


In our teaching and processing kitchen, we focus our programming around three main objectives:

  1. Boost kitchen confidence. 
  2. Discover seasonality of fruits and vegetables. 
  3. Explore personal food preferences.


Sustainability and innovation are the driving forces behind our aquaponics farm at FoodChain. The recirculating system recycles water and nutrients, enabling us to conserve more resources compared to other farming practices.


Education and outreach is at the heart of what we do. We empower people to participate in all things food by hosting programs in the classroom, at farmers’ markets, and on farms.

How We Do It

Chat N Chow

Hosting a free community meal once a month that is freshly prepared and made with locally sourced ingredients.

Cook. Eat. Grow.

Educating youth about valuable kitchen and cooking skills with locally sourced food.

Power of Produce

The Power of Produce Empowers youth with knowledge of seasonal fruits and veggies at local farmers markets

Farm to School

Farm to School Brings fresh and locally raised foods into Central Kentucky’s schools


Processing locally grown produce surplus and distributing to food banks and consumers in our community.

FoodChain Snacks

Serving nutritional, yummy snacks to youth throughout the school year.

Community Nutrition

Providing health education and cooking classes to individuals and groups in the community.

Food Sector Job Training

Providing culinary education and job training to people in the community who have barriers to employment.

Summer Food Service Program

Summer Food Service Program ensures that youth (0-18) in our community will still have access to free, locally sourced breakfast, lunches, and snacks during summer break.

Classroom Aquaponics

Installing mini-aquaponics systems in classrooms across central Kentucky to provide immersive learning experiences.

Stir It Up Cooking Classes

We offer cooking classes for a variety of ages and participants so people can gain kitchen confidence and learn to make food choices that are good for both our bodies and the food system.

FoodChain's Nourish Lexington

We operate a meal delivery service and distribute meals to our community, providing access to locally-sourced fresh food.