For Teachers!

Want to bring your students to FoodChain?

Our school tours can accommodate your schedule! We can have them Monday through Friday during school hours, or after! We can even schedule special weekend tours if that works better for you!

We ask that the tours be no larger than 25 in order to have the most organized and engaged tour possible, however we are willing to accommodate larger groups if necessary.

Our tours range from $100 for public school groups to $150 for private schools, however we are always willing to figure something out for those with limited budgets. We want this educational experience to be available to all kids!

To book a tour for your school fill out this form and we will contact you shortly with more information.



Or you can bring FoodChain to your classroom by becoming part of our Classroom Aquaponics Program today!!

FoodChain Aquaponics mini-systems show how amazingly scalable aquaponics is and allows teachers to build curriculum for the Nitrogen Cycle, Plant Life Cycles, Fish Life Cycles, Ecosystem Analysis, Water Quality and Testing, and much more with a living, interactive model for the kids to test and manipulate. In addition to the installation of the systems we provide seeds, fish, a maintenance manual, 6 lesson plans (designed for elementary schools), and an in-class lesson.

These systems provide an abundance of hands-on learning opportunities by exhibiting cross-disciplinary principles including, but most definitely not limited to, biology, ecology, chemistry, agriculture, sustainability, nutrient cycling, engineering, and more! To purchase a system or for more information please contact

FoodChain is also available to come talk to your class about Aquaponics, Urban Farming, Food Systems, Nutrient Cycles, and more! We love to work with teachers to keep their curriculum interesting and interactive for the kids! We can also work tabling events such as Science Fairs, Career Fairs, etc. For these contact!

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