FoodChain’s Impact

We believe that

  1. Food is Redemptive
  2. Food Nourishes
  3. Food Heals
  4. Food Sustains

Our current food system is broken because:

  1. Puts profit for a few over nourishment for all.
  2. Considers food to be a commodity.
  3. Treats humans as machines/cogs.
  4. Plunders our earth’s resources.
  5. Values immediate gratification.

We believe in a food system that

  1. Ensures access of fresh food to all.
  2. Reveres food for the precious resource it is.
  3. Values with esteem and dollars the human contribution toward food production.
  4. Conserves natural resources by closing loops and reuse.
  5. Prioritizes the savoring of food.

10 years of FoodChain

locally sourced meals served

invested in the local food economy

people who have toured FoodChain

households enrolled in home delivery

hours of education instruction

pounds of produce harvested from our farm

pounds of local produce processed

spent purchasing from local farmers

pounds of fish and shrimp harvested from our farm

Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report: The Year We Nourished Lexington

2019 Annual Report: The Year of Partnerships

2018 Annual Report: The Year of New Opportunities

2017 Annual Report: The Teaching and Processing Kitchen is here!

2016 Impact Numbers and End of the Year Mailer: Creating Connections

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