Farm to School

FoodChain is proud to partner with the Fayette County Farm to School program,  bringing fresh and locally raised foods into Central Kentucky’s schools. 

About Farm to School

Farm to School works to bring fresh and locally raised foods into Central Kentucky’s schools while also raising awareness for students, parents, and teachers of the benefits of supporting local farmers. This program also provides education surrounding environmental, human health, and economic benefits of purchasing and consuming local foods. 

The Fayette County Farm to School Program is run by an advisory council comprised of representatives from the local government, local health department, school administrators, the local farmer’s market and a wide variety of non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses. F

For Farm to School Month in October of 2019, the Fayette County Farm to School Council planned a School Lunch Challenge at two local elementary schools. During this week, the menu featured local items each day and we featured farmer visits from Marksbury Farm, Meadowbrook Farm, and Rolling Blue Farm. By the end of the week, lunch participation increased at Rosa Parks Elementary  by 23% and Sandersville Elementary increased by 15%. We also increased local food awareness at each school and by the end of the week students were able to name all the local items being served, agricultural products in Kentucky, and how the seasons influence the crops being grown. 


Furthering Local Food Education 

As a part of the educational offerings of Farm to School, we produce a monthly newsletter to share with parents, faculty, and students with information about local food in the schools, farmers we support by buying local, gardens and wellness plans at the local schools, and nutritional information about the meals served.

Farm to School also partners closely with Lexington Farmer’s Market to provide youth engagement and education activities through the national Power of Produce Club, which you can read about more here!


Interested in helping out?

Interested in helping out? Volunteer by clicking here! Farm to School also has opportunities for people seeking internships, to read more about how to apply visit out intern page.

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