Classroom Aquaponics Program (CAP) 

We have been leading  CAP since Fall of 2015– installing mini-aquaponics systems in classrooms all over Fayette County. CAP provides one complete and interconnected ecosystem right in the classroom. There are now mini-systems in 22 elementary and middle schools impacting over 10,000 kids’ education everyday!

These simple systems use a 10 gallon fish tank with a connected mini float bed for the plants. Mini-systems demonstrate how diverse and effective aquaponics systems are and allow for an interactive and immersive learning experience for students. They also help teachers build curriculum around a variety of subjects including:

  • the Nitrogen Cycle
  • Plant Life Cycles
  • Fish Life Cycles
  • Ecosystem Analysis
  • Water Quality and Testing

We also host mini-aquaponics workshops which teach educators and other enthusiasts how to build and maintain their own systems! Watch our calendar and emails for dates; we will be sure to post updates for the next available workshop.


Farm to School

FoodChain is happy to be a partner for the Fayette County Farm to School Program. Run by an advisory council comprised of representatives from the local government, local health department, school administrators, the local farmer’s market and a wide variety of non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses, Farm to School works to bring fresh and locally raised foods into Central Kentucky’s public schools. This program also provides education surrounding environmental, human health, and economic benefits of purchasing and consuming local foods.

Farm to School also partners closely with Lexington Farmer’s Market to provide youth engagement and education activities through the national Power of Produce Club. Here we empower youth with knowledge of making healthy food choices as well as seasonal fruits and veggies through interactive games and taste tastings. By participating youth receive $2.00  farmers market vouchers so they can purchase some local fruit or veggie goodness!


Our educational programming isn’t just in classrooms! A lot of the outreach we do involves bringing students to tour our farm where they can learn all about FoodChain’s mission, history, and plans as well as:

  • Explore our commercial scale aquaponics farm
  • Be immersed in a sustainable food system
  • Witness first hand what urban agriculture looks like and learn why it matters
  • Gain a deeper understanding of supporting local farmers
  • Learn about the breeding program and fish feed that we produce from West Sixth Brewing’s spent grains
  • And much more!

We host public and private tours for school groups of all ages as well as other organizations like 4-H and gardening clubs. These educational tours are tailored to suit the age and interest of each group in hopes to inspire thought and action in being a link for more sustainable food system! (If you are a school interested in any of these things this page is for you!)

Cooking Classes

Are you part of an organization that might enjoy cooking together? Interested in boosting kitchen confidence in school groups? Or maybe an after-school club wanting to learn about cooking with seasonal ingredients? Well, you’re in luck because we offer privately scheduled cooking classes for a variety of ages and participants! 

  • Who? Groups of youth or adults interested in cooking
  • What? Cooking classes that focus on local, seasonal ingredients
  • Where? FoodChain’s Teaching and Processing Kitchen 
  • Why? To gain kitchen confidence and promote food choices that are for both our bodies and the food system!

Participants will learn or improve upon their kitchen skills as we discuss various techniques for prepping different foods, measuring for recipes, using the stove and oven, as well as how to incorporate fresh, local fruits and veggies into your cooking!

Learn more here!

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