Education at FoodChain

Education is at the heart of what we do at FoodChain. Through our efforts we grow closer to our vision of cultivating active participation in YOUR food system. The choices you make when it comes to food determine what your own food system looks like. Explore the different ways we provide education in all of our programming and learn more about what your food system looks like! 

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Our Offerings

Teaching and processing kitchen

Read about ways we are working to forge links between community and fresh food. Cooking classes, workforce development, processing and more!


Find out more about what we are doing in the community to forge links between community and fresh food!

Aquaponics farm

Learn about Kentucky’s first indoor aquaponics farm (it’s ours!) Here you can sign up for tours, learn about education for classrooms, and more!

Educational resources

Check out our online resources to discover new ways to connect with fresh food. Links to our blog, videos, recipes, and hands-on activities!