About Us

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a devastating impact on our community, increasing the need for support to help our community’s most vulnerable families to access food. The pandemic has also left many in the hospitality industry without work as restaurants, bars, attractions, venues, hotels and others have been forced to close due to efforts to limit exposure to the virus.  In response, a group of organizations and individuals have banded together in the Lexington community to create Nourish Lexington. 

What is Nourish Lexington?

Nourish Lexington  is a coordinated effort that utilizes the skills of recently laid off or furloughed hospitality employees to provide ready-to-eat meals to those who need immediate access to food. These meals will be distributed to food insecure families and individuals through existing and new partnerships, specifically targeting low-income seniors in affordable housing apartment complexes, free and reduced lunch eligible children and their families through family resource coordinators, and at-risk hospitality industry professionals, among others.  The distribution point list will be continually updated.

This orchestrated effort recognizes the dignity and inherent worth of all individuals in these troubled times, allowing each person to contribute where their skills are needed, while also building on the #TeamKentucky and #SharetheLex spirit that makes this community great.

We are working daily to coordinate efforts among available kitchen facilities, expertise of food service workers, and available distribution avenues, while also taking into account the new requirements of safe social distancing. Please visit this site to stay up to date on all information. View our kitchen and distribution safety guidelines here.

How to Receive a Meal

If you would like to receive a meal, we distribute meals daily from Monday – Friday. Current Distribution Sites Below (check back for details on times of service and new locations).

  • FoodChain (501 W. Sixth St, Suite 105, where Jefferson St. meets West Sixth St.
  •  Meal distribution beginning at 5:30 pm

***Practice social distancing upon arrival and keep a 6 feet away from anyone in line. 

How to Help

Donate Funds

Make a donation today to support this effort by giving to the Nourish Lexington Fund, held at  the Blue Grass Community Foundation


Donate Product

If you are a commercial kitchen or food pantry and have items to donate you can complete this form provided by Glean Kentucky, who will help arrange for pick-up and delivery to where it’s needed. 

Help Prepare Meals

If you’re a food service professional or have access to a commercial kitchen, you might be able to help us make meals! FoodChain will be assembling teams to run shifts in our Kitchen to begin, with other kitchens later. Read below to apply.

How to Help Make Meals

Through Nourish Lexington we have been able to hire furloughed food service workers and pay them for their work. If you are interested in finding out more information for this opportunity, please email us at help@foodchainlex.org or apply by filling out the application and following the directions below.

If you are a restaurant, commercial kitchen, or other permitted venue and want to apply to participate in the future, please complete this form.


  • All workers must have an up-to-date food handler’s permit, be in good health, and have served as a chef, line cook or other trained food service employee
  • Must show a pay stub or other means to validate previous employment at a restaurant, hotel, caterer, venue or other food/beverage service location. This work opportunity is meant for those who are currently out of work due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Restaurants, caterers or other food service companies can form their own teams to apply as a group
  • Positions are filled on a first come first serve basis, assuming all qualifications are met above.
  • Applications received that exceed available spots will be put on a waiting list.

Application and What to Expect

  • Click here to begin the application process
  • Have ready your qualifications (food handlers license, pay stub, and category of expertise as outlined above)
  • Workers must be healthy, practicing social distancing and will be subject to a temperature check. Anyone who looks unwell will be sent home immediately and will not be able to return for another shift. If an individual becomes ill, team members who have worked on the same shift as that individual will also need to self-quarantine for the CDC recommended 14 day period
  • Workers must be able to take direction and work in a team environment

If you have further questions, you can email help@foodchainlex.org or call 859.428.8380