Nourish Lexington, a call-to-action collaboration between FoodChain, VisitLex, Keeneland and the Murry Family Foundation, was formed in April of 2020 to prepare and distribute fresh, nutritious meals to anyone in need. Over 590,000 meals have been provided to the Lexington community since April of 2020. 

In the beginning, this collaborative contracted with local restaurants and hospitality workers to provide meals at several pick-up points throughout the city of Lexington. With restaurants and schools reopening, and many people returning to work in 2021, this initiative is now powered by the FoodChain kitchen. The work of Nourish Lexington has been to alleviate hardship by providing meals for food insecure children and families that need immediate access to meals including hospitality industry families and vulnerable seniors in affordable housing complexes. 

Thank you to the City of Lexington, Lex TV, and Bluegrass Farm to Table for making this video about Nourish Lexington Partners! Video features interviews with Leandra Forman of FoodChain, Ford Waterstrat of Sustainable Harvest Farm, Angelia Drake of From the Heart Catering, Tiffany Bellfield of Alfalfa Restaurant, and Thomas Sargent of Crooked Row Farm.

How to Receive a Meal

If you would like to receive a meal, we distribute meals Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from the front door of FoodChain from 5:30pm-7:00pm

FoodChain: 501 W. Sixth St, Suite 105 (where Jefferson St. meets W. Sixth St.)

***Practice social distancing upon arrival and keep 6 feet away from others in line.

Meal Delivery Service

Currently our meal delivery service waitlist is full. If you would like to be notified of future changes for meal delivery intake, please fill out one of the forms below.

Interest in Updates About FoodChain’s Meal Delivery Program

Interés en información sobre el programa de servicio a domicilio de FoodChain

Nourishing from the Start

How to Help

The Nourish Lexington effort has also linked the skills and bounty of our local food system professionals, including farmers, cooks, distributors, marketers, and servers in order to provide hundreds of thousands of meals for free to those struggling through this pandemic. 

This orchestrated effort recognizes the dignity and inherent worth of all individuals, allowing each person to contribute where their skills are needed, while also building on the #TeamKentucky and #SharetheLex spirit that makes this community great. In the face of so much uncertainty, we know this: The need for access to freshly prepared meals is still great. Your donation will be put to work to nourish those who need it most. 

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