Super Nutritious And Creative Kentucky Snacks

Snacks and kids make a good PEAR! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with FoodChain by sharing the love of SNACKS with our partner programs! Since the Summer of 2015, FoodChain has worked to connect kids to bite sized food through our SNACKS programs! With your support we can continue to provide these to our 6 partner programs!

FoodChain’s SNACKS program:

  • Includes innovative and varied options, that feature whole, nutritious, and protein rich ingredients and are made to sustain energy, expose students to more tastes and cuisines, and build food curiosity. 
  • Are made by passionate and creative culinarians with fresh, local ingredients in FoodChain’s kitchen, where we pay a living wage and are focused on developing job and market opportunities in the local food economy.
  • Examples include: sweet potato chips with tahini dip, butternut biscuits and apple butter, and banana pancake sammies

Outcomes of FoodChain’s SNACKS program:

  • Better nourished students lead to better performance, including academic, behavioral, and emotional health
  • Early exposure to a wide variety of tastes, textures, and ingredients lead to more adventurous eaters
  • Food literacy comes from repeated access and consumption of different foods

So this Valentine’s day, PEAS be ours and support our partner programs as we continue to provide this necessary source of energy and nutrition to the youth in our community! Help FoodChain share the love of SNACKS and donate today! Our hearts BEET for you and we can assure you the kids in the programs enjoy the snacks BERRY BERRY much!

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