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Aquaponics is a creative approach to sustainable agriculture where two industries- aquaculture (farming fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) –  are combined to make one efficient, resource conserving system! 

Our farm is a deep-water recirculating system with 7,000 gallons of water, 500 tilapia, and thousands of plants. The fish waste (ammonia) is converted to plant food (nitrate) by super helpful bacteria (nitrification!). This way fish get clean water that is filtered by the plants and we don’t have to use any chemical, petroleum based fertilizers to grow our super delicious plants! This recirculating water system uses 90% less water than traditional irrigated agriculture.

Marine Shrimp

In 2019, we expanded our farm with the introduction of a marine shrimp system, and in 2023, we further enhanced it by integrating an aquaponics grow bed into this saline environment. This innovative setup now cultivates Sea Purslane and Salicornia, commonly known as sea asparagus, sea beans, pickleweed, or crow’s foot greens. Despite the use of saltwater, the essential aquaponics cycle—where plants and aquatic life mutually benefit—continues to thrive, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of our sustainable farming practices.

Beyond a cultivation model, our small indoor farm is also a pathway to food systems education for tour groups, interns, volunteers, university research partners, and all visitors who come and visit our little oasis. Minutes away from the center of Lexington, our farm allows many of nearby schools, families, and individuals to come engage with food production in a new and exciting way. 

Check out the video below from our intern, Sophia, to learn about the lettuce life cycle on our aquaponics farm! 


The Bluegrass Urban Farm Friends (BUFF) initiative, hosted at our aquaponics farm, is dedicated to enriching the Lexington community through innovative urban agriculture education. Focused on engaging the youth of Fayette County, BUFF combines the cutting-edge technology of aquaponics with traditional gardening to offer comprehensive, year-round agricultural learning experiences. Our mission is to empower young individuals, particularly those from underserved urban areas, by providing them with the skills to design and manage their own growing spaces, while also offering educators the training needed to integrate urban agriculture into their curriculums. Through hands-on involvement in community gardens, aquaponics systems, and ag-technology projects, BUFF aims to cultivate ecological awareness, food processing knowledge, and a deeper connection to local food systems among the next generation.

Classroom Aquaponics Program

Our Classroom Aquaponics Program (CAP) is an innovative educational initiative that brings the dynamic world of aquaponics directly into classrooms across the state. Through CAP, we’ve designed and installed a variety of aquaponics systems tailored to educational settings, ranging from compact 1-gallon setups ideal for individual desks, to more expansive 10 and 55-gallon systems that serve as focal points for interactive learning. Our unique barrel-ponics system repurposes 55-gallon drums into efficient, vertical aquaponics units, demonstrating sustainable agriculture on a manageable scale. By integrating these systems into schools, CAP not only educates students about the symbiotic relationships within aquaponics but also instills a sense of stewardship for the environment and a deeper understanding of sustainable food production practices, making it a cornerstone of our mission to foster a future where everyone appreciates and engages with the origins of their food. 

Come Tour the Farm!

Join us every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm for an exclusive tour of our Aquaponics Farm, where innovation meets sustainability. These guided tours offer a unique opportunity to explore our state-of-the-art aquaponics system, witness the seamless integration of fish and plant life, and learn about the principles of sustainable agriculture firsthand. It’s a perfect weekend activity for families, students, and anyone interested in the future of farming, providing an insightful glimpse into the practical applications of aquaponics and its impact on local food systems.

Interested in private tours of our farm for a large group? Request a tour here
Our strongest link is to Smithtown Seafood, one of Chef Ouita Michel‘s family of restaurants, to whom we directly sell our tilapia, lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens. We are able to provide them with the freshest fish and greens in Lexington, as well as grow special herbs and microgreens. This allows us to demonstrate the benefit of mutualistic partnerships between farmers and restaurants while creating market avenues for aquaponic produce. You can also find our greens on the menu at County Club, for purchase at Local’s Food Hub and Pizza Pub in Frankfort, KY, and during the winter featured in our bi-weekly Fresh Fixins Salad Kits!