Forging links between our community and fresh food

*improving access to fresh food *education and demonstration of innovative growing techniques
*cooking classes focused on health and affordability *increasing local food distribution
*maximizing social impact with job training and living wage employment

About Us

FoodChain is a startup nonprofit, currently operating Kentucky’s first indoor commercial Aquaponics Farm, with an upcoming expansion to a Teaching and Processing Kitchen and Neighborhood Grocery. Our farm is in the oven room of a formerly abandoned bread factory in downtown Lexington. Since 2011, we have been a part of repurposing this derelict building into a thriving community and growing space! We offer programming for youth and adults, teaching innovative ways to grow food in an urban area, utilizing pioneering technology to get people excited about where food comes from! Our farm demonstrates the most cutting edge, resource conserving techniques in agriculture to inner city residents, inspiring them to reconsider ways in which they can be involved in the cultivation of fresh food. We give people many ways to access and contribute to a healthy, local, and economically diverse food system, whether it be production through farming, gathering of imperfect produce, food processing, marketing, or education. Altogether, we demonstrate community empowerment through shared food, striving towards a more resilient local economy. Your support will help us to increase our education outreach, build our kitchen and grocery, and maintain our unique vision and space!


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We are so excited to begin construction on our Teaching and Processing Kitchen!


Here are the folks forging the links at FoodChain!
Becca Self
Executive Director
Rebecca Self is a Lexington native. She founded FoodChain in late 2011 and has since been working to increase food accessibility through education and demonstration. Contact
Reena Martin
Community Education and Outreach Coordinator
Reena Martin started at FoodChain in 2014 focused on program development and community outreach. Reena is the Chairperson of Fayette County Farm to School Program and has spearheaded classroom aquaponics programming. Reach her at
Leandra Forman
Farm Manager
Leandra Forman has been at FoodChain since May of 2015. She heads all of the fish and greens production on the farm, develops resources for schools and producers interested in aquaponics, and works directly with volunteers and interns who are interested in gaining experience in this field. Contact her at

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