For College students

For high school students

FoodChain has a wide variety of intern opportunities for students. We would love to supplement your educational experience with real hands on work on our farm, developing curriculum, or learning the ins and outs of running and fundraising for a small nonprofit! In order to intern with us, we ask that you plan out a project for your time here that has accomplishable goals given the time frame of your internship and fits well within the frame of FoodChain’s mission and needs.

To apply, please fill out the form found when you click Apply and send us a cover letter and resume. We look forward to working with you!

On the Farm

Are you interested in aquaponics, urban agriculture, or sustainable growing practices? Apply for an internship to learn about aquaponics and help us maintain and grow our farm! Possible internships include:

  • Aquaponics Farm
  • Classroom Aquaponics Program

In the Kitchen

Come learn about community food systems and all things fresh and local food in the FoodChain kitchen! Help us empower our community with food through delivery! Possible internships include:

  • Marketing


Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge with others? Then apply for an internship in education and help us lead cooking classes, create virtual education, and promote food literacy! Possible internships include:

  • Cook. Eat. Grow.
  • Media Education
  • Farm to School


Do you want to become more involved in the community you live in and make positive impacts? Work with FoodChain to listen and respond to the needs of the community and keep our programs running. Possible internships include:

  • Community engagment and food access
  • Fundraising and promotions
  • Volunteer relations

Power of Produce (Summer Only)

Work with us in the summer as our Power of Produce Kids Club intern! This summer program engages youth at the Lexington Farmers Market to learn about fresh food and agriculture as well as to purchase their own produce directly from farmers. An intern in this program will take full initiative by planning activities and taste tests (if more than 1 intern this will be a collaborative effort) and executing the program at Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday Lexington Farmers Markets.