Vertical Aquaponic Rooftop Garden

With the generous support of Lexington Fayette Urban County Government, FoodChain has ascended to the roof! This is our first outdoor grow operation and we are working to make it as innovative as possible.

First: We partnered with area students both high school and college level to work on the design!

Second: We brought them together with professionals to learn more about construction as well as to save costs by working with leftover or unusable material to keep the costs of the build as low as possible!

Third: We hosted a Rooftop Garden Build Day, where students, professionals, volunteers, and anyone from the community was welcome to come help with assembly of the structures.

This is our chance to go vertical! We are building low cost, super efficient grow towers, which will utilize water from our auxiliary broodstock fish (which formerly was not connected to plant systems) and rainwater. This will both increase the amount and types of plants we can grow (think fruits and veggies as opposed to lettuce and microgreens), increase the sustainability of our fish breeding program, and provide an awesome opportunity for our neighbors to learn even more about turning “wasted space” into nutritious food!