Basil and Growing Herbs

Basil and Growing Herbs

By: Kaitlyn (Farm Manager) Herbs are typically easy to grow, and when used fresh, can add tons of extra flavor to meals, tea and cocktails. True Leaf Market created a guide on how to grow 40 different popular herbs, and it can be found here: Herb Growing Guide. All...
Farm Feature: Tropicana Lettuce

Farm Feature: Tropicana Lettuce

By: Chelsea Wallace (Farm Intern) & Kaitlyn Dykstra (Farm Manager) Tropicana Lettuce: A heat and bolt tolerant Greenleaf variety with vibrant green leaves that retain crispness and flavor throughout the season. Provides excellent uniformity and texture....
Farm Feature: Borage

Farm Feature: Borage

By: Chelsea Wallace (Farm Intern) & Kaitlyn Dykstra (Farm Manager) What is Borage? An easy to grow annual herb that can be harvested as a microgreen or grown out to produce edible flowers with a beautiful neon blue color profile and a distinct cucumber flavor....
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