26850238411_89f951f961_qFoodChain’s Microgreen and Shoot CSA is an exciting way to get super food nutrition, fresh greens full of vitamins and minerals, and support all the work we do as a nonprofit committed to food education and access for all! We run on 8 week sessions with weekly pick ups every Tuesday from our location at 501 West Sixth St! Each week you will get a sampling of 3 different shoots and microgreens, from peas to sunflowers, as well as an ever-changing new variety! These varieties all have different nutritional, flavor, texture, and colors to offer an adventurous palate, and included we provide recipes and nutrition information on your microgreens! This makes it easy to incorporate these tiny tasties into your everyday eating!

For 2019, our first 8 week session will begin on Tuesday, January 22nd and run through March 12th!  This form will let you sign up! Costs are $120 per 8 week session and include a weekly bag with 1x clamshell of pea shoots, 1x clamshell of sunflower shoots, and 1x clamshell of a new variety of microgreen! The deadline to sign up is January 10th so that we have time to grow all these tasty, nutritious bites!

Remember, a subscription for a Microgreen CSA makes a great holiday present, and we can send you a giftcard for the lucky recipient!

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