forging links between our community & fresh food

With education and demonstration of sustainable food systems.


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You’re Invited to FEAST 2020

Join FoodChain Tuesday, March 10th for our fundraiser, FEAST, the foodie event of the season. Inspiring food for thought, as well as delicious bites from seventeen different chefs, FEAST helps raise awareness on promoting food Equity for all. For more information, click here!

FoodChain Invited you to FEAST 2020


FoodChain is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working in the heart of Lexington, KY to forge links between our community and fresh food through education and demonstration of sustainable food systems. We began our work in 2012 by building an innovative aquaponics farm from which we teach producers about this method of agriculture for economic diversity, teach kids and adults about where food comes from in an urban environment, develop the market for the freshest greens, microgreens and seafood in the city, and outreach to our community about why any of that matters for the future of food! Starting in summer of 2015 we increased our education from food production to food processing with youth cooking classes. We host monthly community meals which incorporate local produce that would otherwise be thrown away. We now have a Teaching and Processing Kitchen to provide even more education around fresh food, economic farm impact through seconds purchasing from area farms, a Food Sector Job Training Program, and increased access to local nutritious foods that are both affordable and convenient for our neighbors! Please explore our website to learn more about how we are doing all of this, how you can help, or to donate to our work!

FoodChain has public tours every Saturday at 1pm!

You can pre-order tickets here,

or just show up at our front door, through the lobby of Smithtown Seafood any Saturday

To book a private tour click here.



501 West Sixth Street, Suite 105, Lexington, KY 40508