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Fresh Fixins Meal Kits include: 

  • Fresh, frozen, and dried locally grown fruits and vegetables, including lettuces, greens, and microgreens from FoodChain’s aquaponics farm
  • Herbs, spices, and seasoning for the meal
  • Specialty oils, sauces, vinegars, and condiments to accompany the recipe
  • A detailed recipe with easy to follow instructions for making the meal
  • Meal kits are designed for 2 adult dinner servings and will always include:
    • Protein
    • Starch
    • 2 servings of vegetables
    • 1 serving of fruit


FoodChain’s Fresh Fixins will never take longer than 30 minutes to cook.


Every week during pick up, you will be entered in a raffle to win cooking equipment like blenders, food processors, instapots, knife sets, pots and pans, and more!


Weekly pick-ups will include samples, tastings, and learning opportunities about local farms, vegetables, and exciting things happening in Lexington’s food scene!


4 meals will include locally produced aquaculture products such as saltwater shrimp, rainbow trout, tilapia, and asian carp.


3 meals will feature recipes and ingredients from local farmer and chef Jeonghyun Ann- with ingredients from her farm Yago farms and Food, with Korean ingredients and condiments, as well as a focus on health foods made with local fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Jeong-hyun (aka Ann) is the owner of YAGO Farm & Food, a unique local cross-cultural food business. She is a Korean native with strong passion in local food cultural diversity, healthy community, and mind-body-spirit connection through food. As a partner for the FoodChain’s meal-kit program, she adds Asian inspiration and flavor to the program’s global menu lineup. These dishes will incorporate some of the Asian crops grown at YAGO Farm as well as special local food products from YAGO.


All meals support the goals of FoodChain: 

  • to educate consumers about local food, 
  • to increase access to local foods for all, especially those experiencing food insecurity, and 
  • to model sustainability in a local food system.


Orders recevied by Sunday before. Wednesday pickup @ FC from 4 – 6pm

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