FoodChain Farm Sales

Interested in purchasing some produce from the FoodChain farm? All of the greens are grown in our innovative indoor aquaponics system, which resides in the middle of a food desert in down town Lexington. We pride ourselves on growing some of the most sustainably raised (and delicious) lettuces, herbs, microgreens, and more in the heart of an urban area– modeling an inclusive and reproducible food system that promotes food equality for all. We can sell to both restaurants and individuals. Check out our offerings below!

For Restaurants

We offer restaurants a wide variety of greens that are grown on our indoor aquaponics farm. We grow a mix of different lettuces, microgreens, kale, basil and various other herbs and hearty greens. Since we’re indoors we can grow these year round! If you’re interested in sourcing from us please email for a complete list of everything we offer and prices.

For Individuals

We can now sell both basil and lettuce to the public! You can buy basil by the half pound for $6 or pound for $12. You can purchase the lettuce by the pound for $8 (don’t worry, it keeps fresh for up to three weeks). To purchase or for more information please email

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