Internship Opportunities!

FoodChain has a wide variety of intern opportunities for students. We would love to supplement your educational experience with real hands on work on our farm, developing curriculum, or learning the ins and outs of running and fundraising for a small nonprofit! In order to intern with us, we ask that you plan out a project for your time here that has accomplishable goals given the time frame of your internship and fits well within the frame of FoodChain’s mission and needs.

To apply, please fill out the form found when you click Apply and send us a cover letter and resume. We look forward to working with you!

Farm Internship

The indoor aquaponics farm will accept interns who are interested in growing and maintaining the FoodChain farm. This could include work in expanding the output of our farm, including new ways to sell what we produce (e.g., restaurants or CSA), or working with our brackish shrimp program to grow aquaculture marketing in Central Kentucky and/or design an aquaponic component for the shrimp system. 

Marketing Internship

The Processing Kitchen will accept interns interested in creating marketing initiatives around the locally processed products coming out of FoodChain’s Processing Kitchen. This can be for 1) mobile meals 2) lightly processed local fruit and vegetables. Intern(s) would create materials to advertise to institutional buyers, organizations who contract catering, as well as direct consumers.

Farm to School Internship

Farm to School interns work in collaboration with FoodChain and the Fayette County Farm to School Coalition to support Farm to School events, outreach, and programming for students in grades K-12. This position allows collaboration with representatives of many different organizations and encourages development of new ideas in relation to Farm to School. 

Fundraising & Promotions Internship

FoodChain’s Fundraising and Promotions  internship is a good fit for someone who’s interested in working with nonprofit communications to help FoodChain effectively promote our work. Projects in this internship will include efforts with the Executive Director, Development team, Communications staff, and others, to help plan and promote for public fundraising efforts. The ideal candidate has experience with some design basics, social media, and some photography/videography experience. 

Media Education Internship 

FoodChain’s Media Education internship is designed for a student who’s got experience with video production and design for educational purposes. This position will work with our Education & Community Outreach Director, Farm Manager, and other key FoodChain staff, to help prepare and disseminate virtual instructional videos to provide broader education from our existing operations. There is room in this internship for creativity and new ideas to provide learning centered around local, fresh food to youth and adults alike. 

Farm Education & Outreach Internship

This internship is a good fit for the applicant who is both passionate about sustainable and urban agriculture as well as youth education. Working in partnership with the Farm Manager and our Community Education & Outreach Director, this position will work to source funding opportunities, community partnerships, and program design to help get agricultural education from our farm out to the general public. 

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