c_borage flowers



We’ve got Flowers at FoodChain! And they’re not only pretty, they are also edible! These are Borage flowers, a Mediterranean annual, with a super cool flavor: they smell and taste just like cucumbers!

We’ve been growing borage as a microgreen for salads, but now our barrel system is full of these super cool flowers that can be used in salads, as a garnish, or muddled in cocktails! Also, its blue flowers are one of the only true blue colored substances that is edible! Borage is a really cool way for FoodChain to produce that yummy, fresh cucumber flavor without all the time and space it takes to grow a whole cucumber plant!

Borage also has some really neat medicinal qualities as well and supports a healthy metabolism, hormonal balance, and for gastrointestinal problems!

Come to FoodChain and check out all the cool plants we are growing around here!