Aquaponics Farm

Sign up here to volunteer on the Indoor Aquaponics Farm! This can include: harvesting fish, harvesting lettuce, transplanting, cleaning, general maintenance and much more. This is a great opportunity to see the ins-and-outs of working with an indoor farm, working with plants in a hydroponic system, and aquaculture skills! All training and information is included in your volunteer hours, so come get your hands dirty (ish)!

Cook. Eat. Grow.
Throughout the year we provide a variety of youth cooking classes in this brand new program! These classes typically run for 6-8 weeks at a time and occur in the early afternoon (summer) or after school (spring and fall). For each individual class we need 3-4 volunteers to work directly with students. Sign up here. For more information about classes, email erin@foodchainlex.org
Chat N Chow
Once a month we host community dinners to cultivate meaningful relationships with our neighborhood residents. These meals take place on the fourth Thursday of every month beginning at 5:30pm. We typically need 3-4 volunteers to help with setup, serving food, and clean up. You can sign up for this opportunity here.

Tour Guide!

Fill out this form and we will send you more detailed information on providing educational tours of FoodChain!

Wild Card!

Fill out this form to stay up to date on unique volunteer opportunities. This can include: rooftop garden construction, special school tabling events, exciting cleaning or painting days, or a wide variety of active and fun group activities!

Farm to School

Part of our Farm to School initiative is to provide Fayette County students with education surrounding the environmental, human health, and economic benefits of consuming local food. We periodically need volunteers to help facilitate lessons to students of all ages. This opportunity is great for someone with an interest in education and teaching! If interested, fill out this form and email Rebecca (rebecca@foodchainlex.org) to begin shadowing other Farm to School facilitators.